Our Fairy Tale [Niall Horan]


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Eighteen year old Lacey has had enough heartbreak to last a lifetime. It seems she always chooses the worst guys, but she somehow managed to choose the best guy as a best friend - Niall Horan. Along with his new stardom, Lacey has become friends with his new four band mates. Niall has a secret, though, that only he and the boys know -- a secret that has to stay hidden if he wants to protect his friendship with Lacey even if it means heartbreak for him. Join Lacey and Niall as they start their adventure; love being what they're searching for.


Tags: HumorTeenfiction
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Chapter Four

I woke up to three obnoxious voices singing melodically in my ears, trying to wake me up with their even more obnoxious ‘Wake Up’ song. Soon I felt somebody jump onto the bed as I groaned, throwing my pillow over my face just to have it removed by a grinning British boy who wasted no time with singing in my face loudly.

“Zayn,” ……

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