The Devil's Kisses


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Falling in love with a vicious mob boss wasn't Wendy's plan but what surprised her more was the wicked love she received back from Marco.

Wendy found herself confused with her past and present, in search for peace she ties knots with Marco. These 'knots' are covered in lust, love and obsession but more than that she found herself tied in blood.

Her forbidden romance was dangerous to everyone else except for her....or so it was.

Wendy's forbidden love story.

Excerpt from the book;

"I am not your brother!" he yelled, his voice was so thick and dominating. I let out a small laugh before dropping my head on his shoulder. I was so tired and I just needed some sleep.

"Then be my daddy," I murmured before falling into a deep, slumber sleep.


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Chapter 71

Chapter 71

The Final Chapter

Wendy’s POV:

The next morning bought us all surprises, I was the least surprised and Marco was the most. It didn’t take much time for me to realize that Marco wasn’t yet the boss of his organization because certain duties were still under Fabrizio, his father and it didn’t ……

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