His Prisoner


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What if someone went too far with revenge? So far that they couldn't go back and apologize for their mistakes. Slowly losing their ability to love or even the less have any kind of emotions. That's what happened to Erik, the king of werewolves.

"I am going to hurt you," he said calmly.
"I am going to make you bleed," he continued.
"Then I am going to let you heal," he whispered.
"And repeat the same again and again but I promise not to kill you...ever."


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Final chapter

Chapter 33:

Thalia’s POV:

My eyes were glazed with tears, and I was looking at my mother who was crying out of pain. Her hand reached out to me but I stepped back before she could put her filthy hands on me. I whispered the spell Olesia taught me a few days ago to kill another witch. As every word spilled out of my lip……

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