Mine to Love

Shruti Rout

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"You're my beautiful secret."
Once in a lifetime you meet someone who loves you wholly, cherishes you like you are the only one and worships the ground you walk. Mate. The person who can sell his soul for you.
Veronica Richards is an eminent and distinctive individual. She is a werewolf. Albeit, she is not your ordinary, mediocre wolf. She is the queen of the Werewolves Realm, graced with exceptional abilities: unconventional and different from anything seen or known before.

Nonetheless, it is pretty much decipherable that a Queen needs a king by her side. And that applies to Veronica, as well. She has waited for her mate for extensive years that elapsed in spirited hope, but he never came.

Until one day when he walks in, sinfully gorgeous Daniel Parker, the air that embraces him reeks of supremacy. He holds the aura of a king, but grievously, he turns out to be the Vampire King.

Despite it being insanely impossible, they are deemed mates.

Will she accept him? Or to say, will he accept her regardless of the nonexistence of mates in the vampires' dictionary? Altogether, the decisions and choices that shall shape them for the rest of their lives lay upon the mercy of their hands.

And therein arises the biggest question: Why has fate brought them together when their paths should have never crossed?


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I knew Daniel wanted to argue when his mouth opened but before he could utter a word, I marched towards the girl.

She watched me carefully and a grin took over her features when I stood right in front of her. I took her hand in mine and she let me which puzzled me slightly but without giving it any thought, I closed my eyes and focu……

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