Untouched Alem GXG


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As I enter the room I can feel my body enter in panic, guards lined up standing like a statue as they fulfill their duties. The room is massive compared to where we are living at the moment. Handcuffs placed on restricting me from moving in my free will.

'' Bring the sinner's daughter to me immediately!'' Ordered the person sitting on a throne?
I thought it's only for the members of the monarch to sit on.

''Yes General Alem!'' The guards did what she ordered. they brought me closer to her. On the way to where the general I could feel my heart beat quicken. I can feel myself get sweaty as I fear for the moment she'll kill without mercy. The general turn around... she's a WOMAN?!

I can believe this, how ho-

She must really dislike my face because the next thing I know, she slaps me hard that I fell on my feet. I look at her as I touch my swollen cheek to ease the pain. She looks me in the eyes with rage hiding behind those cold brown eyes before she bit her bottom lips and order her soldiers: '' Bring her into my chamber.''

And with that, I was taken away from my family to become her slave.


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Alem's Back story

I open my eyes to see her angelic face with a smile pasted on her lips. I couldn't help but feel relieved that she's here with me now. Of all the mortals I've encountered she's the only one who didn't judge me for who I am and loved me.

It has been a year since she first came to my life, I can tell that if sh……

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