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Bashful and pure, human girl Emma suffers abuse at the hands of her werewolf step-mother. The only solution her werewolf brother can find is to run away with her to protect her. When they join a pack, Emma is targeted once again, but this time it's a different kind of abuse...

Derik is known for being the most feared werewolf in history. When the harsh soon-to-be Alpha King discovers his mate is a weak human, he's less than pleased. But her innocence sparks a new hunger in him, and he begins to abuse and tease her at every turn.


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It had been years since Emma had seen Derik. On that night when she learned about Derik and Lana’s relationship, she decided to leave for good. She didn’t have the courage to stay with a man who abused and mentally affected a part of her. Almost raped and killed her. She realized that it was toxic love and it was supposed to be left behind.


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