Wherever You Go

Sremoyee Dutta

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Love marriages are rare and are hardly recognized properly in India . Every parent in India feels as though it's a payback of every child to marry who they chose as they feel that their choice may never go wrong. It centers on the conviction that husband and wife, strangers at the time of marriage, can develop a stronger love if they are honest and committed to each other.
Compassionate and deeply emotional, 'WHEREVER YOU GO' is a contemporary love story about Arjun and Aditi a young couple flung together in a traditional arranged marriage. In WHERE EVER YOU GO, Arjun and Aditi embark on the timeless journey of marriage, only to discover that it's not quite as simple as they expected. What follows is an exploration of understanding and compromise, weaving a tapestry of love and affection that lasts longer and grows stronger over time.


Tags: Love-trianglePossessiveForcedArranged MarriageDramaBxG
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Darkening (epilogue)

Arjun eyes opened slightly as he moaned in a sleepy tone. He let his thoughts wander back to last night, and about Aditi, he smiled, but as he turned off and rolled over to hold Aditi closer to him, he found the other side of the bed empty, the sheets were cool to the touch.

Arjun heart pounded in his ears as the adrenaline kicked in. Arju……

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