I'm 22 years old again


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When Amy was 22,She got married with Chad.
When Amy was 25,They had a daughter.
When Amy was 27,She found that Chad had an affair with another woman.
When Amy was 27,She died of heart disease.

As if by a miracle,Amy found herself reborn and brought back to the life just before she met Chad.
She vowed to herself that she would never have a relationship with Chad again.
However,would Chad let her go?


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Chapter 61 - She Wants a Divorce

Chuck had been half asleep when she arrived home. He asked her. “Why are you so late?”

Amy wanted to kill herself after losing her memories these two days.

Chuck saw her frustrated, and frowned, “You quietly slipped away early in the morning, didn’t you? Why are you so down?”

Amy complained, “You know I went out secr……

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