I'm 22 years old again

Estelle Romance

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When Amy was 22,She got married with Chad.
When Amy was 25,They had a daughter.
When Amy was 27,She found that Chad had an affair with another woman.
When Amy was 27,She died of heart disease.

As if by a miracle,Amy found herself reborn and brought back to the life just before she met Chad.
She vowed to herself that she would never have a relationship with Chad again.
However,would Chad let her go?


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Chapter 39 - A Stressful Meeting

Amy looked at Chad doubtfully. She hadn’t made a systematic summary and could only give an oral overview. “There’s the modern simple style, the Mediterranean, the American country, the European, the traditional Chinese, the Japanese, the post-modern style, and the Baroque style to name a few.”

Chad asked further. “What about the characteri……

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