Fire Marriage

Athenajune Romance

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Ada Carter was a girl abandoned. Accidentally, she was brought back to a house. Since then, her life has been connected to a cold man.
But he still hated her.
One day, the man asked Ada, indifferently, to stop flirting with other guys. ‘Marry me. I can give you everything you want.’
Everybody believed that Byron White loved her. Only Ada herself knew clearly that everything he said was a lie.


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Chapter 67 – Just Married

Based on the situation, she started wondering if he really missed her.

Soon, Byron finished his noodles. Turning towards her, he looked hesitant, “Don’t wait for me. I will be back quite late. Good night.”

Raising her head, she had so much to tell him but he was so busy. Though the flood had been controlled, he still had s……

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