Marrying The Mafia [MxM]

JRHillis Erotica

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When you marry someone you expect the honest truth.
Not to be played because of the role you play.

Rune Ross Is a Mafia Boss who married a high rated cop.
Row Ross is married to mafia & he doesn't even know, what he thought was love is just a job.

When it all comes out, who will be victorious?will they both fall from their high classes?


Tags: BillionaireCrimeDetectiveLGBT+Drug
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Cruise Day & Lust.


I grabbed my bags and ran to the black sports car. Rune was trailing behind me slowly. It was the day we were going sailing on the ship for a week or two.

Mika and I had bought new clothing the night before. I bought a new copper jockstrap that I planned on showing rune.

The drive to the docking place was th……

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