My Irresistible Best Friend


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Christian Andrew Reyes: Male, Straight, Rich, Charming, Sexy, and easily tempts women to his bed.

Emberly Jane Thompson: Female, Straight, Middle class, Blue eyed, Intelligent, and yet easily falls into a trap.

But there seem to be no chances of Emberly falling into Christian's bed. What or who is stopping her?

How could they be so comfortable with each other, yet stay 'Best Friends'?

Don't bother your brain with thinking, just read their story to find out!


Tags: ForbiddenSexHEFriends to LoversPlayboyGoodgirlSunshineDramaTwistedBxG
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Ch 38 - Torn

“Open the door, Christian! Christian!” Ember kept shouting while banging on the door, asking to open. But no one opened the door and when it did, she wished it hadn’t opened.
Christian stood in front of her when the door to his apartment opened. His eyes were red and a woman was with him.
An hour later, Ember had chased Christian back to ……

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