One and Only {Student/Teacher}

Sheryl McGrew Romance

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Jemma isnt your typical 17 year old. Her life is busy and stressful. She thinks senior year is going to be an easy ride.  She's smart and popular, and a hilarious mix of wild child and miss innocent. One minute she's putting a person in check in a not so nice fashion. Then next she's blushing and "mothering" her friends. Life's given Jemma a hell of a lot to swallow but she always overcomes it.  Michael Jenkins has just gotten out of the army and started his first job as a civillian calculus teacher. He's spent the last 5 years resisting enemy forces in extreme conditions yet can't seem to resist Jemma. He finds himself instantly intrigued by her. She makes him forget the horrors of war with her spunky ways and goofy pranks.  Follow them through their twisting journey as they become each others one and only. For this relationship to work they'll have to over come numerous obstacles. Can they make it?


Tags: HumorMilitaryForbiddenJealousySex
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Chapter 8

Jemma's Pov:

I was running late today. There really was no excuse for it other then my own impatience. I left home a few minutes earlier then I usually do so I could stop at Walgreens for picture reprints.

Last night we looked at our gigantic stack of pictures and I found one I loved. So I decided to get a blown up copy of it……

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