The Rise from Waitress to Fame

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Sariah Nordichie, a wealthy young heiress, woke up one day in the body of Jenny Clark, a poor waitress at a diner in Los Angeles, to discover that she had traveled back in time! They key to Sariah getting back to her own body is to fulfill her childhood dream of making it as an A-list superstar in Hollywood.
However, making it in Hollywood is easier said than done. As Sariah climbs the ladder to stardom, she becomes engaged in a fierce battle with major players in the film industry. Will Sariah get to the top of the movie kingdom or will it all come crashing down? 


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CAA, Creative Artists Agency.

Both Jenny and Sariah had heard of the name. CAA was too famous to be ignored, even for someone who knew very little about the American entertainment industry.

Founded in 1975, CAA was based in Beverly Hills, Hollywood. It was arguably the number one brokerage firm in the world, and its market shares wer……

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