Freak Possessive Crown Prince [Completed]

Bosy Elselhdar Romance

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"Royal weddings are different. The wedding party will be at night. But now I have to raise the flag first." he winked at me with a sheepish smirk.+
I narrowed my eyes"What do you mean by raising your flag?"
He licked his lips and said huskily "Taking your Virginity Baby."

DAMIEN... A crown prince was struggling with the palace and the kingdom rules. He was aware of his duties but he was lonely. He wanted to live normally or even feel being one of the common, he had some secrets but he couldn't reveal any to anyone. Except when he found this cellphone application.

DANIEL... A guy was born to a rich father, but he didn't live with him at all. He suffered a lot after his mother died. He was lonely, he wanted to reveal his feelings to anyone but he was afraid of his friends, they might use this information to sell it to a newspaper and this might destroy his father reputation. Until he found this cellphone application.


But what could happen when the fate say his word and both of them meet in college as classmates or in another meaning as senior and junior. As straight prince and Gay boy in the closet.


Tags: LGBT+RomanceJealousyLove-trianglePossessive
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[37] Th last chapter

Damien pov:

I heard him scream my name again, I wasn't imagining but I spotted an animal running towards Danny, those animals run towards any human voice. Their speed is faster than eighty kilometers per hour... I grabbed Jacob gun and shot it immediately.

I ran towards Daniel but I found him o……

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