Love Begins On The Basketball Court[BxB]

Monnie mon

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The sweet story of how a boy, inspired by the star player of a basketball team, is taken on as his trainee. Despite the proud star’s cruel training regime, he loves his pupil unswervingly, and finally moulds him into a shrewd and competent point guard.

“Alexis, I have decided to declare you as my best friend!”
“You know, Denis, I can tell by your tone you don’t have any friends.”
“Hey, you don’t mean that. I bet you didn’t know how great it would be to be friends with me, did you?”
“Go to sleep, Denis.”
“Man, even now I still have no clue who I’ll end up marrying, but I’m sure you’ll be my best man.”
“I won’t be anything but the groom.”
“Alexis, how can you say that? I can’t believe you’d try to steal a guy’s bride like that.”
“I mean, I would be your groom, Denis.”


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Chapter 381 Crisis of Confidence

A new round of fast attack began. Moore dribbled towards the half area of DW, and he didn’t hesitate to face the joint defense formed by Evans, Barret, and Denis.

Moore swung decisively from the left to right, leaving Evans behind, and then sped up to force Denis who was about to step forward moved backward. After moving to the right i……

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