Icy A

Larose Semsem

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"Bite me!" She exclaimed.
"Are you offering?" He retorted, face impassible.

While she was a fiery, outgoing teenager, he was an icy, introverted man. But more importantly, she was human, and he was a vampire.

Opposites attract each other but Kelly and Andreas clashed too much to actually get along. Would it work? Would it fall apart? Nothing was certain.


Tags: HumorStalkerVampireJealousyLove-triangle
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“Go to sleep,” Andreas used his persuasion ability on his sweet little mate.

For a few minutes, he stood still, watching her sleep. She was a fiery and outgoing woman who had luckily come to love the taciturn and icy man he was. He didn’t know what he would have done if she had denied him. Sure, her love changed him but he didn’t mind; on ……

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