The Gang Leader's Choice *Completed*


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He looked at me deeply, almost as if contemplating his next move. His lip twitched upwards slightly causing my heart to skip a beat. He picked me up and forced my legs around his waist. Before I could question, His lips ferociously smashed against mine, igniting the fire that had been there for what felt like years.

What happens when Gemma, your completely average girl gets roped in by the mysterious and broken bad boy, Astor, into a world she never knew existed filled with danger, lust, jealousy, rage and the Gang Leader, Josh.


Tags: PossessivePowerfulGangsterDramaBxG
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Love me like you do

I was motionless, I looked over towards Astor and then back towards Josh who had crossed his arms.

"Are you two coming out or what?" Josh asked curiously. I looked over at Astor, we were both confused.

"Did he see anything?" I asked casually.

"I don't know. I think we should get out of the car." Astor said calmly as he got off ……

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