Secret Lovers [Completed]

Bosy Elselhdar LGBT+

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"I want you, Just for one night and It will be a secret."
"This is Crazy, I don't even know you!"
" Then, let's make it Crazy night,"

First day as a New Assistant Manager , First One Night Stand with a stranger , His first heart beat and First broken heart ... because he fell in love with The Groom , and This night was his wedding day as well !
They thought that It was just a Fling , but one more night turned the table upside down.



Tags: BillionaireRomanceJealousyPossessiveSex
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In the car on our way to the resort for our honeymoon.

"STOP DOING THIS." Ivan hollered pushing me away.

"What?" I rolled my eyes, f'ck my d'ck is growing in my pants painfully.

"You know! Kissing me and Other things in the car, focus on driving," Ivan mumbled huffing annoyingly.

"I didn't take t……

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