The Step Father [COMPLETE]

Bosy Elselhdar LGBT+

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I was sleeping deeply.when suddenly A hand gripped My butt Making me jump out of Bed "Are you Drunk?! You're My dad!" I blinked shockingly.

He licked his lips dangerously Then flipped my body,arching My back to his hard Monster "Pleasure is pleasure...let me taste your body or you will regret,"

The worst nightmare ever to be chased by someone you didn't even know who he is! You didn't even see his face before! Everyone you date got killed or trapped into mysterious accident.

Until you discover that your stalker is your new stepfather!

Been stalked by Tiger valentino.... The Dangerous serial killer ... Been trapped between his arms , but after the hidden secrets got exposed could Angel 'the stepson' Dare to send him to jail or he will fall for his love badly?! Or maybe he will runaway with him!



Tags: ActionBillionaireSci-FiSerial-killerStalker
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[25] The last Chapter

SIX years later. [Xavier and KNight are 15 years old.]

Angel pov:

since my sons attached to the military school and I got bored and worried, waiting for the weekends to see them.

"welcome back, I missed you so much." I hugged my sons for long. I missed both of them, they have the same body and face feature as Tiger. stro……

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