Capture This

E. Anthony

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Alex Valentine. 22. Model. She had a life of glitz and glam, unlimited riches, gourmet food and hot toy boys whenever and wherever. She was loved, hated, envied and admired. She lived the ideal life.

Rose English. 21. Photographer. She came from an honest, working class family which was crumbling around her. And fast. Loved by all who knew her, pitied by those that didn't, Rose lived a pretty tough life, not that she'd ever admit it.

When Rose was hired as a photographer for "Valentine," a hot-shot fashion magazine owned by one of the most successful men in New York, she was surprised to find out that she would be snapping pics of his daughter Alex, one of the most well known models worldwide.

This is the story of how two people born into such contrasting worlds grew closer under unlikely circumstances, and how this blooming relationship changed both their lives forever.

But with dark secrets, shady characters and naive families, how will the story end? Will Cinderella get her happily ever after?

Fingers crossed.


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Chapter 36

"That'll be four dollars, please."

Rose handed the old man at the stand the notes and squeezed a dollop of ketchup over her hot dog, turning to see that Alex was staring at her own in a mixture of disgust and confusion.

"You mean to say that people actually pay real money to eat these?"

Rose shook her head with a sigh. "Do you ……

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