Possessive At First Night


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*Completed* Susan never expected that she should lose her virginity to a money boy! She had been looking forward to spending her first, precious night with the one she loved, not with some random guy who demanded money for sex!

Susan awoke the next day with quite a hangover and was reluctant to accept the harsh truth. She had been tasked with investigating the real life of ‘Money Boys’ in well-known nightclubs as part of her job. Now she had become a part of it herself!

Embarrassed, Susan planned to sneak out before the man woke up.
“Leaving already?” The silky-voiced man asked from behind her.
It was only then, Susan knew that she had to pay one million dollars for just one night! Yet, little did she know, the ‘Money Boy’ turned out to be...


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Chapter 305 The Finale

    “Mom, why didn’t Alan dad give blood to Spike?” Spike took a small head and asked a lot of questions.


    “Oh, this, because Alan’s blood type is different from Spike’s, so he can’t transfuse blood. Only your father can give you blood transfusions. Do you understand?” The problem of children was sometimes difficult t……

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