Possessive At First Night


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In order to complete the task of an interview, she went deep into a popular and very expensive nightclub and paid a close visit to the life of the"boys" who offer sex service. Unexpectedly, a handsome but ruthless man ruined all of her plans and she lost herself soon. Not only she lost her virginity, but she also owed a huge debt.
Unwillingly, she came to the nightclub again to figure out what happened, only to find that mysterious man disappeared without any trace...
She had thought that they wouldn’t see each other again, but fate kept them together again and again. She thought that he was a “boy” of that nightclub, but she was shocked to find out that he was....


Tags: BillionaireOne-night StandHEManipulativePowerfulDramaSweetBxG
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Chapter 265 A keen eye


“I’m sorry.” Evan’s expression was helpless. Susan never looked up and she was silent.

Evan sighed deeply, looked at her again, and found that his coat had slipped off her body. Fearing that she was cold, he stretched out and tried to put it on her again, but when he reached out his hands, Susan avoided him. His out……

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