"You Are mine".

Ayesha Khanam

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Its a story revolves around a17 year old girl named Arabella rose.she is a shy caring and kind natured girl. Arabella never thought one day her normal life would turn into a totally different life..
Hayden kings 25 year old a billionaire of kings enterprises and not to doubt a leader of mafia all over the world...
It would be sooo amazing to see how the two different life gets to know each other. Hayden a womanizer and arabella a sweet girl...
Will they fall in love?? will it be the end of arabella's life??
Or it will be a love story of a lion and a prey???
Lets see!!!


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Finally, today is christmas!!! Crystella cheered while hugging Ian, ohh yeah her husband!!


What do uh want crystella, stop screaming for gods sake!! Kevin said.

Ohh!! Wheres mommy and daddy?? Crystel asked while playing chess……

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