We Hate Each Other


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Betrayed and left at the altar by her Fiancée Mac, Evelyn ran away overseas, with her broken family, to get over everything. But eight years later, she comes home and finds her hatred towards Mac becoming stronger and stronger every time she sees him. She hates him down to the core and would like to destroy him at any price.
However, the hatred is rooted in deep love. The deeper the love, the deeper the wound. Where will their love- hate feelings for each other lead them to?


Tags: Opposites AttractSecond ChanceSubmissiveGentleTeacherDramaBxG
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83 Rose's Memory

Rose was stunned for a few seconds. She actually never knew the answer.

As the mother of Mac, she did not like Evelyn at the first time when Mac was pursuing her. She thought Evelyn as a mindless and spoiled girl who loved another man. No mother would accept her son to marry such a girl.

But Rose had no power to change……

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