Find Me (BoyXBoy)

Geibig Jay

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Harris was rejected by his mate, Niel, his bestfriend who is about to become the Alpha of their pack. Even Niel's parents disapproved of them being mates so they decided to sent Harris away from their son to the Golden eye pack.

He decided to forget about Niel and look for a new mate but what will happen if the new candidate is another Alpha male? Will he be rejected again or maybe...

Just maybe, He'll be accepted this time?

Warning!!! This is a boyxboy story so If this is not your thing then please don't continue. It's for your own safety, anyways have fun!


Tags: alphalove-trianglesecond chancebxbpack
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"Our baby is growing." Liam smoothly ran his palm around my stomach and I fought myself not to roll my eyes. "Wonder what's our baby's gender? I hope it's a boy as cute as you baby." He planted a kiss on the side of my neck where his mark was planted.

His arms wrapped around me from my back as he sway us left and right. Both of ……

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