What Goes Bump In the Night


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"Help." I managed to overcome the burning feeling in my chest.

"Yes, come." He extended his hand to help me to my feet and to his vehicle. At that moment, I felt relieved, free, and safe. I felt as though I was saved. This man, this stranger was going to get me the fuck out of here.

His face, his lively face suddenly went cold. His eyes were now wide and stunned. Following his cold look, we both looked down. A scream escaped me once I noticed the hand that was sticking out from his chest, clasping on to a dimly beating heart.

"No, No."

The hand retracted and the man's body clasped on to the road like a rag doll. The hole in his chest bleeding out.


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Chapter 44

Time seemed to freeze as the air thinned at this very moment. What the hell just happened? The room, once a cool place to settle was now a raging hot box full of unanswered questions and doubts. My heart was racing rapidly and my skin began to crawl. My hands took to fist however the tingly feeling would not allow it to tighten.


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