A Kiss So Deadly

Kimi L Davis

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He looked at me like he could see me. See everything I was trying to hide. And that made me afraid. Afraid of him.

Calliope Elias enjoyed helping those around her in whatever way she could. Helping people made her happy but she never realized that helping someone could result in the payment of a hefty price.
When trouble arises in the sea of Tamaick, Calliope does what her instincts tells her, however, the small act of kindness leads to her banishment from Tamaick.
Yegor Smirnov is a man who prides himself on his power and control and has a reputation for delivering the killing blow with a snap of his fingers. He runs his underworld empire just as smoothly as he charms his women into bed.
However, when unusual circumstances have him encountering a girl with ocean flowing in her eyes, a mixture of strange emotions arise in Yegor and he would not rest until he owns Calliope in every way possible.
With an uncanny collision of worlds, who will emerge victorious and who will kneel submission?

Cover credits: FicFun


Tags: PossessiveGoodgirl
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Chapter 22

Yegor snatched the withered flower from Dina's hand as if it had the capability to detonate and kill us. However, I was surprised when he did not look afraid or angry; it was as if he was almost glad to see it. Why would he be happy knowing the enemy was on to us?

“Where did you get this from?" Yegor asked.

“The bathroom. It was tuck……

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