Come Inside


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One dead body, two missing girls and the entry of a new girl in town. When Chelsea and Andrew befriend a new girl in their school, they didn't know that they were also befriending some new troubles.

 Dark and horrible secrets are waiting eagerly to come out and sweep away everything that comes in their way.

What happens when they are invited to an old house? When a voice says, 'Come inside.'


Tags: HorrorMurderSuspenseThrillerDark
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The Basement

Chelsea pinched herself trying to snap out of the shock. She wanted it to be a bad dream. A nightmare that will be over once she is awake but unfortunately it wasn't. Andrew's voice echoed like a loud thumping her ears couldn't bear.

Her mind was getting overwhelmed by the invasion of vague thoughts, all at once. She couldn't let fear stop……

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