Heirs For The Billionaire

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Alyssa Edwards always hated Daniel Paterson because of his annoying self-conceit. How come they ended up sharing a bed after a night of party hungover? Alyssa thought it was a mistake and decided to let it pass, but the baby she carried in her womb is the direct evidence of that passion night. As much as she is trying to hide the fact that she's pregnant, the Paterson family never disregards their own blood. Is the child doomed to be the heirs for the billionaire? How much does the early mother matter?


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Chapter 67

Chapter 67 School Saga

Alyssa Patterson

When I woke up the next morning, I did some cleaning and prepared breakfast.

We were having a peaceful breakfast when Frank asked me about my stand with Daniel, it broke the silence.

"Will you de……

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