Jailbird's Roommate


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She was an angel seeking chaos ,
He was a demon seeking his peace.

Noah Harrison is fresh out of prison on parole for a crime that he could never forgive himself for after serving seven years in prison. Now out again with no place or no one to go to Noah struggles to get his life together since no one is very keen to make acquaintance with the tall, well-built prisoner but that changes when Noah is granted yes for a place to stay by the naive, sweet, innocent Bluebell Arch who just wants a roommate to share her empty apartment with What they didn't know was that they would end up being more than roommates.

"Tell me every terrible thing you ever did , open up to me, share your demons with me and let me love you anyway despite those demons" she said.
And with those words said, he fell even deeper for her.
His Bluebell.


Tags: MurderRomanceDarkGangJealousyPossessiveDominantGentleSunshineGangsterSweetBxG
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Chapter 17: In Which She Visits
For some unknown reason today was one of those days where Bluebell didn't have as many customers, only a couple here and there so there wasn't much work at the diner.
She decided that since it was almost lunchtime she'd pack some club sandwiches with her and take them to Noah's workplace so that they could eat together.
She was kind of nervou……

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