Dirty romance

Zilke Anita Whyte

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Emily Walters, just starting her new year at college.

Naive and innocent meets intimidating, steaming and sexy Eric Rivers who is drawn to her purity and driven mind. Emily also feels a deep connection to her tutor, gentle poetic Daniel Ferguson who sweeps her off her feet.

Emily then has to decide between her two lovers before both guys find out about this hot romantic affair innocent Emily finds herself in.

Does the good girl choose the rough, sexy guy who opens up insane love-making for the first time, or will she choose her first best friend.

One thing both guys have in common is that they've stolen her heart.


Tags: New AdultRomanceCampusLove-triangleSex
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Chapter 11

My alarm beeps me awake. 5:30 I need to head down to reception and find out if there is a dorm room available for me. I only have two classes today in the afternoon. I’ll find a dorm and move out before the end of the day.

I quickly get dressed, grabbing my bag and phone and a gaze at this dark-haired girl holding Eric while they’re asleep……

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