Being My Enemy's Mistress


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Chloe always believed that life was like the dawn in the mist. Through the fog, there was light and hope waiting for her.

When Leon Cooper rescued her, when they hurt each other and when they turned against each other, she did not lose her belief. Just as the misty mornings never failed to clear, she knew Leon was only but an interlude before the rest of her life began.

However, it was not until he left when she realized that, despite ruining her youthful years, Leon was her only memory and friend in the past decade. Their grudges were so old they could no longer identify who was right all along.

Thus, when a man with amnesia, who resembled Leon appeared in front of Chloe, her life once again fell into a heavy fog: to love, or hate? To forgive, or avenge? After all those years, did Chloe even know who she was anymore? 


Tags: RevengePossessiveSubmissiveAloofTycoonDramaBxG
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Chapter 114 Evidence (2)

These houses were located on the lakeside. At this moment, the lakeside bonfire was extinguished, the moon shadows slanting. A wind was blowing in the middle of the night, made the lake wrinkled. The surroundings were not silent like dead. There were insects, the rustling of the wind blowing the leaves, and the low-pitched laughers fr……

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