Emmeline's Alpha


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A tale of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast spun together
He has only been seen in the hours of darkness. Rumors spread around about his face riddled with scars. His hair was as silver as the moon. If you see him, you won't live to speak about it. Some say he was a myth, other claimed to have seen him. His fury rains like thunder. His heart was as cold as ice.

Emmeline was an innocent soul. Her heart was as pure and as kind as can be. After living under her stepmother's roof for so many years, Emmeline's life takes a spin when she meets her mate, Alpha Gideon Steel.


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Epilogue( complete)

It was late in the afternoon when Emmeline and Gideon decided to head back to the pack house. Fully mated now, Emmeline and Gideon were fully aware of each other's feelings for each other--their bond growing stronger than ever.

However, upon arriving home they see that the house was in a bit of a frenzy. A group of people now surrounded th……

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