I Like Your Batman Underwear

Len Ro

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"You dropped these."
I stopped cold in my tracks. Panic washed over me. Slowly, very slowly, I looked at the red gym bag I was holding. In my furious escape from the locker room, I'd managed to forget about zipping the stupid thing closed. I sucked a sharp breath in.

I turned on my heels, coming face to face with a smirking Jace Storme, Mr. Popular. His stark blue eyes matched his lips--they were playful and daring. And in his left hand was a wad of gray and yellow that I knew too well. I cursed at myself for ever bringing those stupid things to school.
Jace took a step forward, dropping the fabric in my hand. I clenched my fist around it, not wanting it to fall again. I gave Jace a sheepish smile and turned around. I hadn't even taken two steps when Jace said, "And Max...."
I stopped again. I whirled around, bracing myself for what was to come. My heart was beating fast as Jace approached me. I knew what was coming; he was going to tell the entire school what kind of underwear I wore. I swallowed as he placed his lips a breath away from my ear. 
He whispered, "I like your Batman underwear."


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I wake up to warm breath on the back of my neck. My eyes stay closed but I'm aware of Jace kissing my neck and jaw. His arm tightens around my waist and he pulls me closer to him. His breath is warm against my ear and I smile slightly; his breathing tickles.

"I know you're awake, love," he whispers. He kisses……

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