My Boss is My Master


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My chest felt as though it was on fire, burning with pain due to fear. It was as if he was building up that intensity before he would tell me straight to my face that it was time to go.

"You leave me no choice." His eyebrow curved to the perfect arch.

"I know." I waited for those dreadful words that would spill from his lips. He was going to fire me.

"Ms. Walters..." him saying my name was not only a dose of sexual poison, but also an antagonizing nail across a board. He made me nervous. No, he made me scared as hell. 

There was a long pause before he opened his mouth to speak again

 "Bend over."


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Chapter Forty Four

The large walls of the empty establishment left me with room to ponder my thoughts. Such thoughts I knew would only leave me with a painful heartache. I have been left to deal with it all. I was left to deal with the past events that my mind could not seem to erase even if I tried.

The bruises. The blood. As many times as I was told that i……

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