Sleeping With Demon(completed)


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Thirteen years ago, he killed my parents and brother.
Ten years later, he adopted me without knowing my identity.
Four years later, he fell in love with me and said to me, "You are mine. It is only I who can occupy your heart.”
Two years later, when I had just lost my baby, he left me alone in the hospital with my hurting body and heart, leaving the words. "Don't let me see you again."
Now, we reencountered. He arranged the waiter to hand me a check for paying for having a night snack with him.
I knew his intention that he tended to remind me of his coldness and that he no longer had any affection for me.
Nevertheless…... I still loved him because he deserved it!

The Second part of this book will be uploaded in 2019,I'm not sure which month I'll start it :P
once again, if I have a precise date, I'll tell you guys first<3


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