The Wolf's Fate, Vampire's Destiny

Anna Kendra

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Trisha Redfern is a Vampire Lawyer who works in the court of King Damien Vandolff in a post apocalyptic New York. One of Damien's most trusted inner circle members and most talented lawyers, Trisha suddenly becomes the target for all Aristocratic Vampires when she chooses to fight against one Noble Vampire, Vandal Rudolf, when he tortures a human child.

Several obstacles are led in her way as Damien himself comes after her to teach her a lesson. But Trisha is determined to stand by her decision even if it costs her, her life, for she cannot abandon a heart that was once human. When all hope seems lost, unexpected help comes in the form of Lucas Donovan, the Supreme Werewolf Alpha.

But everything isn't always what it seems. Why does Lucas suddenly want to help his arch enemy? Why is Vandal so determined to get the child back at all costs? And most importantly, what's so special about that child that Trisha is willing to face the wrath of her entire race in order to protect him?


Tags: RevengeVampirePackPost-apocalypsePowerfulTragedyTwistedBxG
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Chapter 29

Trisha's P.O.V:

For an instant, the world stood still.

I could feel the heat of the fire scorch my skin. I could hear Lucas’s voice as he yelled my name. Through my closed eyes, I could see the light that the flames cast in every direction. What I couldn’t feel however, was the excruciating pain that came with being burned ali……

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