The Fighters Club

Tee Graham

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Love comes along when you least expect it.
Devyn Angel Goodrich
At the young age 19, she's what most bitches envy and what most niggas fear. A strong independent woman who has her own. You'll never catch her asking for a hand out and she makes sure of that. She stacks her cash, keeps to herself and keeps her head down. To her men and problems go hand and hand and she doesn't need either or so she thinks?

Hayden “Chance” Sanchez
Only at the age of 22, he is the most feared man from the Chi to the Miami shores. One bad move and you're dead. No questions asked, No remorse. He'll even send ya momma a nice black dress. He's dangerous in the sexiest way. Bitches flock to him for the money and niggas dick ride for a shot at his lifestyle. Ruthless, stubborn, temperamental all rolled into one if you cross him. All he needs in life is his cash or so he thinks?
When love tries to thaw their cold hearts, drama, heart break, lies, and betrayal are sure to follow.
No said it would be easy.
Welcome to the Fighter's Club


Tags: New AdultRevengeRomanceSuspenseUrban
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"Maybe it's not about the happy ending.. Maybe it's about the story."- Unknown

Reality was unimaginably real... unapologetically honest and sometimes brutally painful yet a part of me is starting to believe that's the reason its value is so unfathomable. Everyone wants to live forever and day because ……

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