Delighting You Always

Junefun Romance

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I’m not asking for you to love me back, but do not lie to me. I can’t stop loving you, but please stop making me love you even more.
-Caroline Eaton

You are like a caged, beautiful bird and only I have the power to set you free.
-Cooper Strickland

You once told me that if I put my entire life into experiencing the world, it would be kind to me. What now then, as my entire life has only been about you?
-Calvin Edward 


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Chapter 60 Knowing What’s Best

“Maybe Yuki’s company asked him to cooperate for this show.” Gentle says with a sigh.

Warm forcefully smiles. It is a lousy pep talk. She doesn’t believe anyone in this city has the power to make James do anything for them. Unless it is his own will to do it.

His fiancé stepped over her to be the top movie star and he didn’t even tak……

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