Delighting You Always


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I’m not asking for you to love me back, but do not lie to me. I can’t stop loving you, but please stop making me love you even more.
-Caroline Eaton

You are like a caged, beautiful bird and only I have the power to set you free.
-Cooper Strickland

You once told me that if I put my entire life into experiencing the world, it would be kind to me. What now then, as my entire life has only been about you?
-Calvin Edward 


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Chapter 98 (His Method)

Wendy marries to Leo.

After they obtain a marriage certificate in Las Vegas, they go to Lisbon, Munich, Strasbourg and Iberia. They don’t choose these places for any special reasons. They just casually point them out on a map and then spend half a month hanging out.

However, the more places she goes, the more frequently sh……

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