My Possessive Neighbor


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It is a dark romance story.
*suspense & horror & mature contents*
*Please read at your own risk*

Recently, in the area around the single-apartments where Anastasia Jones lived, several murder cases were committed one after another, and all the victims were women.
The murderer seems to be a skilled knife user, which can be inferred from the deceased’s wound: their eyes were gouged out without any evidence of bleeding.

Anastasia Jones lived next to two men, a male god and a cock wire.
So, here comes the question —— whhich one is the psychopathic murderer?


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After being tortured by Chasel for a long time, Anastasia collapsed in bed, with her chest heaving violently.

Her unfocused eyes, which followed the light through the window, looked at the circle of iron wire that blocked the window. Her eyesight gradually became sharper and sharper.

Chasel was a man who was paranoid ……

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