The Mafia's Sweetheart

Meredith Jenkins Romance

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If there is anything Verity Puckett knows best, it's science. So, when she happens upon a young Russian man trying to plastic wrap a knife wound, she launches into a lecture on synergistic infections.

However, that young man just happened to be Vladimir Popov, the 21-year-old leader of the Russian mafia, and he quickly became infatuated with the quirky kindness and intelligence of such a dainty girl.

Now the pair faces the inevitable struggle of answering the question "can we be something?" as their strings of fate become one. 

But the bond they develop will be tested as threats arise and the realities of Vladimir's leadership set in.


Tags: BillionaireRomanceTeenfictionBad-boyGang
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Chapter 24:

Vladimir's sleek sports car turned into the suburbs, the same brick buildings popping up at every turn. The middle school Verity attended and pointed out loomed over him. It reminded him of why he was here, and the determination in the crease of his brows only strengthened.

However, Vladimir didn't turn off onto the usual road, the one w……

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