The Boxer and I


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Tom, an up-and-coming young boxer with a flawless record, moves to a new city to join a successful boxing club. He strikes up an odd friendship with his roommate, Ryan, an enigmatic veteran of the club with a mysterious and troubled past. Their blossoming relationship quickly turns to something more as both men struggle to hide their feelings from each other. As both men’s deepest secrets come to light, the fragile bond forming between them is threatened to tear apart.


Tags: LGBT+
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Chapter 10: Revelation

Quinn drove down the busy streets, only half paying attention to the road, his focus was mostly on Ryan sat in the passenger seat. Ryan stared numbly out the window. There were shopping bags in the back seat, all of them luxury brands, suits and shoes.

“I’m excited to see you in a suit.” Quinn grinned happily. When Ryan didn’t respond, Qui……

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