Her Alexandrite Twin

Shreya Chakraborty Others

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She is the Harbinger of Light with the two most powerful and coveted capabilities---- A Seer and Healer.Raised in the Steppes of Europe in close connection with the largest pack of Werewolves. The witches.The next Alpha in Line Dorian White loves her from childhood and wants her to be his Luna.But she is the only Nyva after five generations of the witch clan. Unfortunately this is not going to be her future by any chance. The Sister of Darkness meets Sister of Light and her whole future gets topsy turvy.

This is the journey of two sisters to find out their truth and combat the upcoming Apocalypse all the supernaturals have to come under one kingdom.

A sequel to Poison Orchid.  But this journey is going to be much more difficult for all of them as a lot of new naked and disgusting truths are about to come in the fore-front. The lies that they had to endure, the truths that were coated in the lies which had made their lives so difficult to even understand the whole perspective of it. Family is to made to turn against the family making their all beliefs turn against each other so that they do not destroy their common enemy but themselves.

Hold your breath to get on this journey with them..{Updated thrice a week}


Tags: DemonMysteryParanormalWerewolf
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Chapter 9

Both of the women sitting on the porch knew that it was time for her to rise and check out what was going on. Since Julia was not at all habituated with the bump and moving around with the heavy thing over her stomach, and she being all bloated up suddenly was not a comfortable feeling at all.
Knowingly, Brassia held out her hand and helped ……

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