Surviving Kontantine

Stanlight Romance

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It was his betrayal that made her leave.

And now it's her love that's imploring her to stay.

Vanity Rose fled her home town a week after she had caught her husband tousled in the sheets with another woman. Determined to leave the past ghosts behind where they belonged, she packed up everything along with the remains of her heart and left, ready to start her life a new.

Five years later, settled into a new city and molding herself into Glam Magazines most prestigious Editor, a promotion for Editor-in-chief is finally up for grabs. The only thing standing in her way is an exclusive with Limelights new head of directors and Glam's future owner.

The promotion was as good as hers and everything was falling into place, until she is cornered in a room with him. Her dear old cheating husband who makes it apparent he wants her back!

With both her career and her heart on the line, she finds herself in Greece. Secrets are revealed, hearts are broken and yet so many years of happiness stolen.

And just when she thinks that they might still have a second chance at this beautiful yet deadly thing called love, a conniving ghost walks in begging to differ.


Tags: BillionaireChicklitLove-trianglePossessiveSex
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Vanity's breath dragged into what felt like an eternity, as she looked into Kontantine's eyes from across the table. The setting was perfect. All too perfect. If only it had been under a different circumstance.

She swallowed on a dry throat when he placed his glass of white wine on the table and smiled. Something felt diffe……

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