My Girlfriend Dies Again[GxG]

Joanne Quickstar LGBT+

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It is already a bad luck to be taken place by my rival, but it is worse to go on a business travel with her as my boss and suddenly get killed on site when going back on a train. Though she dies, it is thus the beginning of everything. It seems we are trapped in a loop. When this deadly trip starts again, I stop her saying, "dont, if you want to live..."


Tags: AdventureLGBT+MysteryThrillerTime Travel
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The van stopped. The cop driving made a quick move to the back and shouted in.

“What the hell is going on in there?”

Before he could see what had happened, he had heard a sharp cry of pain that split the air. The van started to wobble violently. Suddenly, a stream of blood came from underneath the doors of the van and the screaming s……

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