My Girlfriend Dies Again[GxG]

Joanne Quickstar

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Cynthia and Bailey are coworkers and candidates for promotion to General Manager at their company.
Cynthia is sure that she’ll get it. She’s more hard-working and experienced than Bailey with an eye-watering resume to match. She’s shocked, then, when Bailey is promoted to the position she’s coveted for years. What’s worse, she is told that she has to go on a business trip with her. She feels like she’s going to die.

When they step on the train, they don’t know they have entered into an endless loop. They will die again and again... Will they realize that they’re trapped in a dreadful loop? Can they escape and get their life back on track?

“Cynthia, does this feel weird to you?” Said Bailey. She held her hand and stared into her eyes.
“Weird?” replied Cynthia.
“This all feels familiar.”
Cynthia felt the same. But before she could reply the air was punctured by the deafening sound of gunshots.
Cynthia froze with fear, but Bailey was quick to react and she pushed their heads down out of view...


Tags: PossessiveHEBossDramaGxG
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106 - Mr. Landon

Sally didn’t know what happened, so they all pointed their guns at Nina.

Nina gasped heavily and her belly was bleeding blue blood. The blades turned and returned to her arms. Nina looked at Sally and Jefferson, falling down.

“You all look down upon the Reef.” Mike stood on the cut of the storeroom. It was very smooth as if it wa……

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