My Girlfriend Dies Again[GxG]

Joanne Quickstar LGBT+

592 reads

It is already a bad luck to be taken place by my rival, but it is worse to go on a business travel with her as my boss and suddenly get killed on site when going back on a train. Though she dies, it is thus the beginning of everything. It seems we are trapped in a loop. When this deadly trip starts again, I stop her saying, "dont, if you want to live..."


Tags: AdventureLGBT+MysteryThrillerTime Travel
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Chapter 23 – Crash Course 1

“Me,” said Bailey.

“Have you ever driven this kind of car before?” asked the salesman.

“Yes, no problem.”

“Ok. I just want to tell you there will be an extra fee for returning the car in Los Angeles.”

“Got it, thanks.”

The two of them got in the car. This felt like the better decision rather than taking the train. O……

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