The arrogant Billionaire's PA

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When Briannah stepped into Stewart Company she was happy for landing any lady's dream job. Little did she know that working for the arrogant yet sexy Billionaire, Dylan Stewart had it's consequences. Now  she is bound to uncover secrets that everyone she trusted hid from her. Now more than ever she regrets ever setting foot in that company. Will she hold on to the anger or will her heart get the better of her?

Join Briannah in her quest to uncover the deep painful secrets the people she trusted hid from her


Tags: BillionaireSuspenseBad-boyLove-trianglePossessive
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"Well because the drink was probably too strong," that was the only reasonable thing I could come up with.

Before then I didn't drink so my knowledge on drinks was limited.

"Don't trust any of these twins. Lawrence did you spike her drink or not?" I turned to look at Lawrence who had a suppressed guilty look on ……

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