The Gang Leader's Bride

Scarlett M

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Adelaide Johnson willingly sacrificed her freedom for the life of her family at the age of twelve. She becomes Nanny to the Blood Knights, the most feared gang in the country. Instead of being forced into prostitution, she reads to the sick and cares for the children, somehow keeping her innocence and naivety intact while living in a gang house.
Six years later, Romano, the gang leader, is looking for a bride. He stumbles upon a girl he instantly knows will be perfect to raise children with. Her name is Adelaide Johnson.


Tags: PossessiveArranged MarriageManipulativeBadboyGoodgirlMafiaGangster
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Romano and I had a glorious honeymoon. We visited the beach, Disney land, and what seemed like hundreds of fancy restaurants. He told me that he loved me everyday thousands of times, and I couldn't find a picture from the vacation where I wasn't smiling. He had this goofy grin on his face the entire time too, and it wasn't one I was used to s……

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