The Gang Leader's Bride

Meredith Jenkins Romance

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Adelaide Johnson willingly sacrificed her freedom for the life of her family at the age of twelve. She becomes Nanny to the Blood Knights, the most feared gang in the country. Instead of being forced into prostitution, she reads to the sick and cares for the children, somehow keeping her innocence and naivety intact while living in a gang house.
Six years later, Romano, the gang leader, is looking for a bride. He stumbles upon a girl he instantly knows will be perfect to raise children with. Her name is Adelaide Johnson.


Tags: RomanceTeenfictionArranged-marriageBad-boyGang
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Chapter Nineteen: Apollo

Adelaide's POV:

It was Monday, and I was currently walking home from my reading session in the infirmary. There was a big raid against one of the other more prominent gangs in St. Louis two days ago, and a few people were still recovering from broken limbs and gunshot wounds. Romano was on that one. I tried to ask him about it yesterday……

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