A Vow Of True Love


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Ahad Yusif Khan was an arrogant and egoistic billionaire with striking features and a bitter past. His looks were killer which made girls to fall for him but, he was betrayed by his own family and friends that made him lose hope on love. That made him lose a significant someone in his life leaving him heartbroken.

His deserted life turns upside down when his eyes fell on Zoya, a beautiful innocent girl who was already engaged to an handsome man named Arhaan. Zoya was very kind with a brittle heart filled with immense love for her parents but she never thought, the love for them would land her into a big trouble. She got herself into something she couldn't imagine.

Could Ahad be able to get Zoya? Does Ahad really loves Zoya or he wanted her only to satisfy his ego? What was Ahad's cruel past that made him hate his own life?

This story is about a beautiful girl and an angry young man, who found love in their marriage. Life Is Like A Book. Some Chapters Are Sad, Some Happy And Some Very Exciting. But If You Never Turn The Page, You Will Never Know What The Next Chapter Holds. So come and join the journey of Ahad and Zoya's love.


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After FOUR years:

Zoya was busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen along with her mother in law and Haya. Lately Haya and Zoya patched up so well to an extent of teasing Ahad together.

Zoya's last day out with Sano, Reshma and Haya was so much memorable, they had fun, a complete day without wor……

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