Fatal Encounter

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Rose Jones, an ordinary woman, intended to get marry with her husband-to-be, Nick Harris .
An unexpected fatal accident took her beloved one away, but brought the other man into her life.
David Jackson, the CEO of one group company, the elder brother of the hit-and-run culprit, Brandy Jackson. In order to protect his brother, David took advantage of the black case work by money.
Originally, it was just a small thing, but it turned out to be the start of a doomed love.
Rose tried her best to find the truth for her beloved Nick, while David used all methods to free his brother from imprisonment.
What kind of story would happen between Rose and David?


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Chapter 81 – The Other Side

Rose is passive for awhile, before starting to respond. She wraps her arms around his neck, both encouraging and exciting David, He felt like every cell in his body is alive. They continue to kiss each other deeply, with the righ……

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