The Fate of Fire


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Iris Bowman is a student from a top university. In order to pay the medical bills of her brother, she lost her virginity to Damien Hale, which should have been a single deal but became a long-term nightmare for her.

Damien Hale is a typical coxcomb. After enjoying Iris’s virgin night by chance, he missed her sweetness very much. As he wanted more, Damien simply confined Iris to his prison.

So, what happens when one is running desperately and another is chasing crazily.
This is a fire for both of them, whose flames will engulf them and burn them deep.


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Chapter 131 – Departure

Damien lets out a unconvincing laugh. “It's the last time we are ordering such cheap pens. Breathe on them wrong, and they break.” His words break the tension in the air, and everyone relaxes.

“I remember trying to s……

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