Weathering Love

Aurasui *

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“Although I’m not positive how we would work out, I would like to try to be with you.” He told her, his voice soft.

Lori stared at him, her heart pounding as his sentence was repeating over and over in her head.

Jay gazed at her, his face pale and his body tall. On TV, he was the handsome news host everyone had a crush on, with his charm and his looks. But off screen, he is an entirely different person.

Lori wanted to laugh and cry at once: She was trapped under a spell by him…


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Jay was still very busy with his work, because a lot of meetings would be held in the city at the end of the year, Jay needed to handle those broadcasting issues.


As for Lori, because she could always find good news, she started to follow some important news with Director Lee.


In a few days, it se……

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